Customized Massage

$60.00 ~ 50min.

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Cindy has consistently provided therapeutic and relaxing massages.  She has been able to help relieve my neck and back pain through her Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy Massage and her balance work.  I am thankful to have a therapist with her skills.   Have a great day.   Deb

Cynthia is very professional and likely one of the best massage therapists in Indy.  Her office is clean, comfortable, and located in an office building.  I felt very relaxed after my appointment.  Tara

Great Massage! Hope

My jaw was in so much pain, I was almost in tears. I called Cindy, she had an open time slot to fit me in. Almost immediately, I began to feel relief from the pain. I will be sure and keep regular appointments from now on. Kathy

Cindy came to our office and did chair massages. it was a great experience for our workers, they LOVED IT and look forward to many more! Thanks Jake!

 "Cindy gives a therapeutic and relaxing massage with attention to technique and the individual.  She is very in tune with my personal needs. I tend to clench my jaw and have a lot of tension and headaches as a result.  Cindy works some magic to release that tension.  I always leave feeling rejuvenated"   Thanks again Cindy, Laura

When I scheduled my appointment with Cindy, I was ready to give up on massage! So many of the people that worked on me, left me in more pain, than when I came in. Their lack of experience and touch was not a plus in my book. Cindy is a very experienced therapist, with a quite caring touch. I will continue to book appointments with her, E/O week or sooner! Thank you for helping me Cindy!    Sara

I went to a spa that Cindy was working at. I had been to several other therapist in that spa, but could not find one that suited my needs and that I felt comfortable with. When I went to Cindy, "WOW," is all I can say. She is like no other therapist I have been to. Her technique is uniqiue and benefited more than any other massage. She also helped with relieving the stress in my jaw, from my braces! Thank you, Cindy, Traci

Cindy helped relieve the stress in my upper back and neck that I had been having for months. She works on a neck like no other therapist I have been too. I will see her for many times to come. Thank you! Stacy

Cindy did a HOT STONE MASSAGE on me, it was fantastic!!! OMG!!! Thanks, Kelly

"The most relaxing massage ever!" Hot stones were oh so relaxing, I love the deep heat from the stones. Thank you, Chelsea

"The best massage I have ever had!" You rock Cindy! Thanks, Marti

When Cindy did Pfrimmer Deep Tissue on me, it left my muscles feeling free. This type of masssage also seemed to give me relief for a longer period of time, unlike some massages.  I will keep coming back for more great massages from Cindy. Thanks for helping me feel better! Michele

Cindy has a technique like no other, she gets results when no one else can! Thanks again, Brad

Massage at it's finest, that's all I can say! I love Cindy's massages, she can work on my     neck like no one ever has. She comes highly recommended by me. Thanks for everything Cindy! Lisa

The technique Cindy used to relieve my back pain was like nothing I have ever experienced before. I will visit her time and again, to continue to feel better. Great job, Cindy!     Thanks, Dan

Very relaxing massage, I highly recommend her! Jackie

Cindy has a technique all her own! I feel so much better after each massage. "I am hooked." Thanks so much for making me feel so much better, Lisa

Fantastic massage, looking forward to many more, Thanks Cindy, Brenda

Cindy really helped my neck and shoulders feel better. I could actually move my neck again. Thank you Cindy, Sandy

Work had been giving me a major pain in my neck, so I called Cindy. A friend had told me she really helped with her neck pain. It was no joke, I felt so much better. I will tell all of my friends! Devin

After going to several other massage therapist I found Cindy. Her technique is like no one elses that I have experienced. I left feeling great and look forward to each and every appointment. Cindy has my highest recommendation! Thanks, Bob

I went to Cindy for a  "HOT STONE MASSAGE." It was fantastic! I have never had such a relaxing massage. Cindy I will be back for more of those much needed massages!           Thank you, Nancy


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