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Healing Touch Massage & Wellness is owned and operated by Cindy Burris, CMT, PDMT. Cindy was in need of a relaxing and comforting environment in which to do her healing work, and have a safe, calming place for her clients to feel better. Thus: Healing Touch Massage & Wellness was created. Cindy first started in the medical field in 1987 in a chiropractic office, as the doctor's assistant. She then moved up to X-Ray tech and soon massage therapist. Cindy’s first massage degree was in Postural Integration in 1992, from the Florida School of Postural Integration, in St. Petersberg, FLA. She then went forward and graduated from Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, in 1993, with a certification in Swedish massage, Theraputic massage, different types of Energy work and Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy.                                           

Pfrimmer deep muscle therapy had inspired Cindy so much while in school, she had to get certified in that also. She then decided to take the additional hours required to achieve that certification to help others feel so much better, in 1993. Her journey then really began to help others live healthier lives.

Just some info on this technique and the founder for Pfrimmer:

Pfrimmer massage was originally created by Therese Pfrimmer in the 1940's. She worked on a cross-muscle fiber principle and called her work Deep Muscle Therapy. In the past 50 years, this therapy has changed the lives of literally thousands. It's one of the fastest growing techniques used today. Her discovery, which led to the reversal of her own paralysis, consists of an extremely detailed, total body cross-fiber treatment which causes corrective changes in the muscle on a cellular level.

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy® works for the correction and prevention of serious muscle conditions such as ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy, brain injury and stroke.   It has also been effective in alleviating sports injuries, trauma, occupational stresses, arthritis, fibrositis, backache, neck tension, chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation and circulatory problems, to name a few. Combined with traditional treatments of these conditions, it offers an added edge that can speed recovery or promote maximum improvement where traditional treatments leave off.

 Cindy also does different types of energy and balancing work, customized for each client. Cindy is always doing continuing education, as she loves to learn new things. She will soon be adding body wraps and Reiki massage to the list of services she will offering, in the upcoming months.


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   Now In Broadripple right across from Zest and Posh Petals

         My suite is located in the: Broadripple Excutive Office Bld.   

            1111 East 54th St., Suite 158, Indianapolis, IN 46220

                           htmcindy@aol.com         317-362-2835

                                Text:317-362-2835           I can usually respond to an email or text faster than a VM. If I have not gotten back to you, please resend it, as it could have gotten lost. I try to respond as quickly as possible. Thank you!

                                 Please come to door #4   It is a shorter walk to my suite. If arriving after 5PM or on Saturday's, the doors to the building are locked. Please call me, leave message, I will let you in upon finishing my prevous client. Thank you                                                                                       

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ALL  CLIENTS:  As a courtesy please give 24 hours notice of changes or cancellations. Charges will apply.

Please arrive on time for your appointment, late arrivals will
result in a shorter massage time.

 Due to the recent increase in business, I am booked at least 3-4 weeks out. Please be patient!


Many times I am often with other clients all day long and unable to return phone calls during that time.  Please be aware that if you leave a message you may not receive a return call or email right away.  I try my best to get back in touch quickly but this is not always possible. If you can give me as much information as possible, length of time, voucher number, etc., it is very helpful. Please be patient as I work hard to reach all of my clients and schedule appointments. If you purchased a deal from a deal site and are not able to schedule with me for any reason, please request a refund from the deal site. The is the policy of each deal site.  Thank you!



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