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About The Practitioner

Cynthia Frank, LMT, PDMT

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy, Alexandria School of Scientific Theraputics, 1993

Florida School of Postural Integration, 1992

Massage is something I enjoy doing and helping others feel better. Energy work and Pfrimmer along with aromatherapy, can do amazing things.

I love to garden, do artwork, travel and thankful for good food and friends. The beach is my favorite place for my R & R.

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy has been my massage technique of choice for many years now, along with energy work and aromatherapy. Pfrimmer is an amazing technique.

What is Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy?

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy® is a highly refined system of corrective treatment designed to aid in the restoration of damaged muscles and soft tissue in the entire body. Using a specific series of well designed movements applied to the muscles, a fully trained Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapist concentrates on all layers of muscle that have become depleted of their normal blood and lymphatic flow. This specific therapy helps to restore the circulation with its natural healing properties to the cellular level.

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy® establishes a foundation for corrective massage upon which other trouble-shooting techniques may be added. It has been proven valuable in prevention as well as correction of many serious muscle conditions. Because of its positive benefits to all of the body’s soft tissue, it may be described as the most comprehensive form of corrective body work available today. Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy® is the “healing touch.”

Canadian massage was originally created by Therese Pfrimmer in the 1940’s. She worked on a cross-muscle fiber principle and called her work Deep Muscle Therapy. In the past 50 years, this therapy has changed the lives of literally thousands. It’s one of the fastest growing techniques used today. Her discovery, which led to the reversal of her own paralysis, consists of an extremely detailed, total body cross-fiber treatment which causes corrective changes in the muscle on a cellular level.

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy® works for the correction and prevention of serious muscle conditions such as ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, brain injury and stroke.

It has also been effective in alleviating sports injuries, trauma, occupational stresses, arthritis, fibrosis, backache, neck tension, chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation and circulatory problems, to name a few. Combined with traditional treatments of these conditions, it offers an added edge that can speed recovery or promote maximum improvement where traditional treatments leave off.

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